Erotic massage salon in Moscow

we offer the best conditions

Separate apartments in Sensual massage salon “Honey” with sauna, showers and jacuzzi. 

We have the most beautiful girls

Girls with great work experience and a health certificate. Calm and cheerful

absolute confidentiality

Apartments are located in a quiet secluded place in Moscow

we provide FULL relax

Although we do not have an intimate relationship, you will get complete pleasure

Salon of Erotic and Tantric massage “Honey” is wating for you!

Erotic and body massage salon “Honey” is the place of relax and pleasure! It is situated in Ryzansky `district of Moscow, near metro station “Stahanovskaya”  

Are you spinning like a squirrel in a wheel? Meetings, presentations, decisions… Stress, traffic jams, responsibility… A huge metropolis, like an octopus, devours all your time? And it seems that everything, are you burned out?

Stop! Sensual relaxation in the eromassage salon “Honey” near the metro station Akademicheskaya is exactly what you need! In the gentle and affectionate hands of our beautiful bees, you will throw off the burden of worries from your shoulders. And after relaxation, you will rise, renewed, full of strength and energy!

Various programs of tantric massage will give you an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy such types as body-to-body massage, nuru massage, aqua massage, lingam massage and various add-ons to tantric massage. Our hardworking tantric bees will impress even the most discerning guests. Salon “Honey” in Moscow is waiting for you!

Honey - Tantic massage salon in Moscow
Sensual massage salon Moscow metro station 1905 goda
Tantric massage master in salon Moscow City

Our tantric bees

The beauty and skill of our honey girls will not leave you indifferent

Liza tantric massage master salon Honey Moscow

I know everything how to make a man relax.


Tantric massage master

Anna - tantric massage master of Tantric massage salon Honey Moscow Russia

Even a stone idol will relax in my hands and lips


Sensual massage master

Natalya - tantric massage master of Tantric massage salon Honey in Moscow City

Erotic massage my vocation and pleasure


Tantric massage master

Mirra - tantric massage master of Tantric massage salon Honey in Moscow City

Body massage with me is a flight into space


Sensual massage master

Need a quick consultatioN?

Some of our tantric massage programs


Honey pleasure


Sweet hands (Lux)


Passion for honey


Sugar caresses


You have questions. wE have answers.

What do you need to know before visiting tantric massage salon “Honey” in Moscow 

What is possible and what is absolutely not allowed

We can do a lot! Enjoy the massage, indulge in relaxation and communication with the most beautiful tantric angels, touch the girls during the massage, do what was agreed upon before the start of the massage.

Any sexual relations or penetration is absolutely unacceptable. You cannot offend girls, swear, get drunk and make obscene proposals.

Always remain men with a big side, and our girls will take you to heaven!

What do you need to bring with you?

You don’t need to bring anything with you. We have prepared everything you need for you and your relaxation: oil, candles, an erotic setting, beautiful girls-bees who are ready to be your guide to nirvana.

Do not forget just a good mood and a real mood for relaxation. And take your fantasies with you, we can discuss them!

I liked the girl! How can I repay her for the pleasure?

There are many ways you can please a girl – some of them are included in our add-ons to the basic programs. But also remember, the best reward for a girl is your positive feedback!

Does your salon have a bar?

Yes, there is a bar. You can drink a glass or two before the session to tune in to relaxation and relieve fatigue after a hard day.