Sweet hands (Lux) massage program in Men's relax club Honey in Moscow

This will be more than you expect. A lot more!

Erotic massage - for body and soul

Massage is an ancient and very effective way to promote health. Erotic massage salon “Honey” near the metro station Ulitsa 1905 Goda invites you to try a session of a unique erotic massage and learn about all its possibilities. Our experienced specialists successfully carry out massage therapy in a special positive atmosphere with positive energy.

Each session is individual, unique and memorable. It combines the variety of body movements and skillful hands of our specialist. You will be surrounded by care and attention from the first minutes. We try to make each of our clients feel the only one, desired and the most important.

How is an erotic massage session

During the session, you relax as much as possible and drown in pleasant bliss. The air is saturated with aromas of oils and candles, pleasant calm music sounds in the background. You feel light strokes, gentle touches of warm hands and a beautiful elastic body of an experienced master of erotic massage. Bodies in free movement are attracted to each other. The caring, energetic hands of the master give you new strength, take away fatigue, instantly relieve stress after a hard day. It’s nice and unusual.

Salon masters will take care of you

You will be served by attractive salon masters who have undergone special training and have a high level of training. These are highly qualified specialists who thoroughly know the anatomy of the body, with accumulated experience in conducting a unique massage. They have mastered all the secrets of the profession. A special approach to each client, even in small things, because there are so many nuances. They are real professionals in their field, in love with their work. The masseuses of the Honey salon do everything in their power to make clients feel comfortable, relaxed and calm during the session. Our clients always get the best.

How is erotic massage useful?

Each session of erotic massage restores physical and psychological health. What is the healing effect of erotic massage?

  1. Gives an impressive burst of strength, restores the entire body, increases its endurance
  2. Relaxes, relieves stress, depression, insomnia
  3. Energetically energizes, increasing efficiency
  4. Gives new sensations and positive emotions
  5. Can become a fun hobby

Choose only what will really benefit you. After an eromassage session, you will feel that you are full of energy and emotionally filled. Bring beauty and warmth into your life. At least for a while, indulge in pleasure, forget worries, allow yourself rest and relaxation. This marvelous exotic massage stimulates the imagination and is remembered for a lifetime. This is a very pleasant and uncomplicated way to pamper yourself.

We are waiting for you in the Erotic massage salon “Honey” with a special positive atmosphere, to which you will want to return again and again. Come, we will be glad to see you.



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