Erotic massage programs

Tantric massage salon “Honey” which is cituated in Moscow will surprise each client with the widest choice of different types of erotic massage and additions to it. Our menu has almost everything such us: erotic sensual massage, thai body massage, aqua-steam massage, lingam massage, oil body-to-body massage, foot fetish, mistress, lesbian show, urogenital massage, strapon, honey massage, sakura branch and many others.

Lovers of obeying and masters, lovers of cunnilingus and female feet, lovers of tenderness and rudeness, we have everything for you, except ordinary sex.  We made a place for you where the time that you spent will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

Certainly you know that Moscow is the city of the most beautiful girls! And be sure that our experienced and adorable bees love and know how to please men (and also momen). Tantric massage salon “Honey” in Moscow metro station “Stahanovskaya” is waiting for you in!

Passion of honey tantric massage program
Honey pleasure
RUB 2000 / $ 30

It’s never too late to take a break and indulge yourself with an invigorating dose of erotic relaxation from a beautiful lady, whether it’s morning or lunch break!

Duration – 60 min (30 min – classic massage, 30 min – sensual massage)

Sweet hands (Lux) tantric massage program
Sweet hands (Lux)
RUB 3300 / $ 50

In this program, you will touch the mystery of Thai relaxation, where you will feel the real relaxation and bliss of oriental techniques, and at the end of the session the erotic part of the program follows.

Duration – 60 min (30 min – classic massage, 30 min – sensual massage)

Sweet hands (lux) tantric massage program
Passion for honey
RUB 5000 / $ 70

Here you can find the best techniques of erotic pleasure, a mix of sensuality, passion and an unlimited amount of erotic finale, all the best for connoisseurs of delights. Only in this program you can try not one but several pleasures at once, choosing the additions to taste.

Duration – 90 min (30 min – classic massage, 60 min – tantric massage)

Sugar caresses tantric massage program
Sugar caresses
RUB 7500 / $ 110

For those who wants a lot and can do a lot, a relaxing erotic session is intended for you, here you will enjoy Thai pleasure and caress of a tigress, sensual notes of hookah smoke. Soul and body receive complete relaxation and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation, where you can enjoy all the additional programs.

Duration – 120 min (40 min – classic massage, 80 min – sensual massage)

Honey - Tantic massage salon in Moscow
RUB 5000 / $ 70

If you want to try on someone else’s role of a submissive slave, and play on the verge of frank caresses, then this is the choice for you. Your lady, will help you to be liberated and fulfill all the most candid wishes of your imagination. Pain and humiliation reign in this secret world. A new facet of pleasure, for connoisseurs!

Duration – 90 min

Powdered sugar (for couples) tantric massage program in tantric massage salon Honey Moscow
Powdered sugar (for couples)
RUB 7500 / $ 100

An erotic session for couples is for girls and men who want to give each other new sensations from pair pleasure without humiliating themselves with jealousy. After all, only here relaxation can lead to a crazy erotic ending. Add new colors to your relationship

Duration – 60 min

Our erotic masseuses-bees


– Honey tantric masseuse


– Honey tantric masseuse


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– Honey sensual masseuse